Why I Create my Own Meals Now Instead of Using Happy Herbivore

Why I Create my Own Meals Now Instead of Using Happy Herbivore

1/1/18 Update!

I have got back into using the meal plans a few months or so after posting this. I just missed the support of the HH community and the meals! I do still enjoy making my own meals from time to time though. I just kept this post for future reference. ūüôā


What’s up everyone!?!

I hope that your all’s weekend is going fabulous! I won’t keep you long, I just wanted to quickly point something out.

This April, my membership with Happy Herbivore¬†will be expiring. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed it and if it wasn’t for Lindsay Nixon, the CEO of Happy Herbivore, I wouldn’t have the confidence and knowledge of where I’m at now. Well, with God’s help and the support around me as well. Some of you may have noticed, that I was a HUGE follower of hers.¬†I mean, HUGE! I did the contests, emailed Lindsay for advice, constantly posted¬†the meals from the meal plan, loved going on the forums getting and giving support to other “Herbies”,¬†hinted to people to try her meal plans(Some did), use Happy Herbivore cookbooks as part of giveaways, bought my own cookbooks, tried to get my own clients into buying her meal plans, listened to her podcasts, and I even have a “Happy Herbivore” hoodie that I won once from a contest. I was even featured on her blog as a, “Herbie of The Week”.

Give me a moment as I scan that list…….wow, I couldn’t believe how I obsessed I was!

I agree with Happy Herbivore in certain ways but we kind of, well, had a falling out because of a disagreement on the forums. Now, I’m not here to bash a certain business, no, they are fabulous!

Heck, they even helped me open up, finally, about my sugar addiction, lose weight, and realize it’s a lifestyle change and not a diet.

But, after the disagreement, I finally realized, that that disagreement lead to open up my eyes to reality. Okay, well, I had a friend help me open my eyes, but you know.

I am a personal trainer and health coach and specialize in other areas. I felt, that I don’t need to be a member of Happy Herbivore anymore, honestly,¬†I felt like that I was a sales person for her and not just a customer.¬†I then finally figured out, I can create my own meals now, after 4 years of using Happy Herbivore and gaining experience, it was time for me to break away. Break away and go from creating desserts to creating entrees as well. And honestly, my confidence has been growing even more.

Yes, I’ll still recommend¬†Happy Herbivore to people sometimes and I’ll use her recipe books and her old meal plans that I have printed off in the past and placed into binders for now though, I’m going to enjoy my own meal creations. Besides, I couldn’t enjoy all those fabulous vegan recipes that Pinterest or other cookbooks have because I was so stuck on the meal plans before. ūüėČ

So, that’s that.

Don’t let fear hold you back, when you know it’s time to breakaway, even if it’s from something good, it’s time to breakaway and just…


Until then!

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