What is Your Calling?

What is Your Calling?

What my space looked like as I typed this post up. While Tucker is somewhere in the house, probably hiding from the storm, Chester decided to join me in my blogging state.

Sometimes, you want to speak or write something and you feel like your words or thoughts just keep bouncing off of the walls and other times they come out so fluently.

I thought about typing up a post of all things random, instead, I decided to stick with one topic only.

Taken from my Facebook

I gave my first ever biggest wellness presentation recently, it was for the Smoky Mountain Human Resources Association in Sevierville, TN. And, I had to improvise during the presentation thanks to the power point not showing up on the screen, the power point was shown on my small computer instead and I held it as I spoke. Yeah, the presentation still went fabulous!

During wellness presentations, I LOVE to lead people through workouts, 5 minutes worth, it doesn’t seem like much, until you hear it from them, they can’t believe how much exercise you can get in out of those 5 minutes. I usually blast music to as we break a small sweat. 😉

After the presentation that morning and we got back into the car, my dad piped up and said, “Wow! One year ago you gave your first ever presentation, and 3 years ago you ran your first full marathon!”

Crazy how time flies huh?

My first official wellness presentation I ever gave to one of our offices in the company.

And, some of you may or may not know, but I’m the head person and health coach over the wellness program in a staffing company called, “Atwork Personnel Services” that my dad and his brother owns. I send out wellness emails, go to different offices and give presentations, lead coworkers through workouts and meet with them when they want to meet one on one, and go to client companies that use our company to find employees.

As I look back at how far I’ve come, I can’t believe how much experience, confidence, and knowledge I’ve gained through the years. It seems like yesterday I was a shy person and didn’t like to be around a lot of people. Now, I love meeting new people and helping them, I’ve went from a “loner” to a “social butterfly”, a 360 degree turn in just a few years.

Some of the best advice I’ve ever heard when it comes to fear of public speaking is to practice, practice, practice in front of people. And let me tell you, that is so true!

It seemed like yesterday, I was in tears, frustrated of what my calling was. And, now, I believe I know what it is, to spread the wellness message. I believe we’re all called here for a purpose, a reason, a mission, an assignment, and a job.

What makes it so astounding is that, every single one of us in on this same planet, walking the same ground, but we each are on a different journey and living a different life. And, the more people that we can have to spread the goodness and inspiration to the world, the better the world can be.

Be the rock, that when it’s tossed in the water, it’ll cause a ripple effect.

I want to be that rock, don’t you?

I want to be a light to others, don’t you?

I want to get to work, right now, on the purpose, reason, mission, assignment, and job that God has for me. Don’t you?

Let’s all be a ripple effect to the world.

Be the change!


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