Escape From Reality

Escape From Reality

When was the last time you escaped from reality? The hustle and bustle, constantly on the go of life can really wear you down and sometimes, the best thing to do, is go on a spontaneous adventure. One of the best parts of having outdoorsy friends is that they introduce you to new places that you’ve never been too. And, sometimes, when plans change and they don’t happen like planned(we were going to ride horses),it can turn out to be even more fun and enjoyable. We cruised back roads to chill music, had a delicious lunch, had reminisce talks, and went off road to a beautiful trail that’s part of the Appalachian. It made for a full and eventful Saturday and yet, it was totally worth it, all while with an old childhood friend.

And, as the day was coming to a close, we were already talking about our next adventure. Hint, it involves being out of state and hiking huge mountains. 😉

Grab a jeep, or a car period, a good friend, and take a road trip!

I promise, it’s worth discovering new areas and the escape from reality.

Late lunch/early dinner at a restaurant full of really good food. REALLY GOOD!

Jeep time! My friend, Rachel, definitely knows how to drive a stick on those rough roads.

Heading to the graveled road

It was a slightly rough ride in the jeep, it just made it that more exciting.

One of the things on my bucket list is to go on a weekend backpacking trip. I already love camping, so, why not no? 😉

You’ve got to love 360 views!

The wooded areas were just beautiful, we wanted to keep going.


Heading back

Escape. Just be. Leave reality behind for a bit. It’ll be there when you get back.

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