Find Joy in The Journey

Find Joy in The Journey

I can’t believe it’s been almost 5-6 years since my eating disorder. I’ve gained almost 20 pounds since and I still battle with it from time to time. But, not nearly as bad as before(praise God!). We all have our inner demons and we can all be our worse critic, I definitely faced my own demons and criticism, daily. Puking, weighing myself more than once a day, trying 500 cal diets, exercising EXCESSIVELY(morning, lunch, and evening), trying laxatives, and fearing all good/bad fats and carbs. It was not a good place for me and I knew, by looking at my friend’s and my parents concerned faces and hearing the doctor talk to me out of concern, I was going down the wrong path. My period had stopped and I was diagnosed with Raynaud’s Disease, now, when I face the symptoms of the disease, I’m reminded of the battle I faced. I still do at times. I’m so thankful though, that with God’s help and support from friends and family, I pulled through! I knew if I had kept up, I could’ve ended up in the hospital.

I’ve been through plenty of battles in my 26 years of life, this is one of the top ones though that I’ll never forget.

It’s definitely been a journey. 

Whether you’re facing an eating disorder, struggling with losing or even gaining weight, enjoy the process. Take the hard times as lessons to look back on for later, take the easy times as memories, and above all else, applaud yourself for pulling through such challenges. 

Here’s the thing, starting a new lifestyle or working towards bettering your health is NOT easy, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, constant smiles, and praises, it’s really hard! I’m not here to discourage you though, I’m here to let you know of the reality of it all. The human body is not a machine, it can be fragile and yet full of so much potential! The mind, is what you have to convince, when you have your mind convinced, your body will do the rest. 

The human body, God’s amazing masterpiece, can do a lot more than you think! 

Don’t ever doubt yourself of the possibilities you’ll find of taking on a new lifestyle! 

No matter the path you choose, no matter how rough or smooth the road or trail, or how flat or hilly it maybe, “Find joy in the journey!” 

Take it one step at a time, don’t start a lifestyle all at once in one night. Slow results can lead to long term results while fast results can lead to short term results. 

You are so much stronger than you think! 

Don’t EVER let anyone tell you any differently and don’t ever let the scale define you! You deserve to have better healthy, you are worth it! I promise! 

Stay strong. And, remember, confidence starts from the inside and shines on the outside! 

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