Post Hernia Surgery and Recovery

Post Hernia Surgery and Recovery

It’s funny, you’d think as many injuries as I’ve faced, that I’d learn my lesson by now. Even, when I backed off from doing so much exercise, I still end up back in a doctor’s office. This time though, it wasn’t an injury, it was because of a lump that I found. After losing my grandpa to cancer less than a year ago, a good long time friend/church member/coworker that’s dying from cancer, and hearing from others just being diagnosed or died from cancer, I was concerned.

I found the lump late last year, in the groin area, it was very noticeable too. I went to my regular doctor and my OBGYN doctor. I had blood tests done and my first ever CAT scan done a long with this liquid they had to put through my veins that felt so weird. Thankfully, my white blood count came back fine and when I had an ultrasound done, it came back showing it was a hernia. Strangely, before I ever got the results back, I was worried, but I felt a peace during all of this. I knew, God was there with me. Through it all.

I had an appointment made, met with the surgeon(who was fabulous, like my other doctors) and her team. I was honestly, not to nervous about the surgery. I thought, “It’s only going to be a 2 week recovery not that big of a deal. I mean, I’ve faced a 6 month stress fracture before.” (You could say that I was more nervous about the recovery process than the surgery itself. Which, turns out, I didn’t take as much pain medicine as I thought I would, I stopped at day 3 or 4.) Well, when they cut me open, they found the hernia was larger than they thought it was going to be. And, it had a lot of old tissue surrounding it to so it must’ve been there for a while and growing from all of my intense exercise. They thought it was going to be the size of a penny, it turned out to be larger than a golf ball. My 2 week recovery turned out to be a 4 week recovery. Which meant, the half marathon that I was looking at running went out the window. And, honestly, I didn’t care, I was ready to really take care of my body properly. I heard, that the surgeon said that I was one of the healthiest patients that she’s ever worked with, they even had a hard time waking me up from being put to sleep. My heart rate was in the mid 40’s and I told them that that was a natural heart rate for me when I’m sleeping.

It wasn’t the easiest recovery time, I couldn’t lift no more than 10-20lbs for 2 weeks, I napped every single day the first week, I walked every day even the day after my surgery, and I did have my stubborn moments at times. But, by the grace of God, help from family, friends, and coworkers, and my good health, it turned out better than I thought it was going to be.

And, I made a note of a lesson that I learned each day during my 28 day recovery. Feel free to read them below.

I learned, during all this, that good health is so helpful in so many areas. Even, when after a surgery or when having a baby. 🙂


^^Me walking the day after my surgery^^

I  really got into Leslie Sansone walking videos too! 😉

Lessons that I learned each day during my 28 Day Recovery

Day 1: Slow and steady wins the race
Day 2: Take a step back and just breathe
Day 3: Put your phone down as you walk and look around. Be aware. Be present. In the moment. 
Day 4: My neighbor’s(the good Lord knows when we need to rest.) 
Day 5: Progress
Day 6: It’s okay to ask for help when you need it 
Day 7: Naps, can be SO good for the mind and body
Day 8: have a laugh every day! 
Day 9: be thankful for the parents you have 
Day 10: Grab someone to walk with!
Day 11: Stop and just breathe! 
Day 12: Sacrificing moments and time
Day 13: Fuel well to recover well
Day 14: Finding balance in exercise 
Day 15: Hand me down clothes are a great!!! 
Day 16: Listen to your body 
Day 17: Have meals prepped
Day 18: Walking videos weren’t as bad as I thought 
Day 19:
Day 20: Thankful that I can join in on my exercises now! 
Day 21: Thankful for my legs 
Day 22: the people that God places in your life. 
Day 23: Learn. Learn. Learn. 
Day 24: Try new foods
Day 25: Go after your dreams
Day 26: A fresh hair cut always makes you feel better
Day 27: Enjoy and embrace early mornings
Day 28: Put God first in everything that you do. Always!

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