Why I Deleted My Facebook

Why I Deleted My Facebook

When I was a teenager, maybe even before, MySpace was THE THING. And, if you didn’t have it, you were almost uncool. Almost. Then, Facebook became the next BIG thing and has since 2004. I mean, I give Mr. Zuckerberg props for creating such an amazing site!

And, like anything there’s pros and cons.

Facebook is great for selling things, staying in touch with friends and family and even strangers, keeping up with birthday parties, events coming up, the news, sharing your life with others, running a business or like my case using it for my business, prayer requests, inspiring/motivating others, and seeing what’s going on in the world.

Then, there are the lovely cons: drama, judging others, complaining, comparing your life to other people’s “perfect”(note the quotation marks) life, checking in to every location you’re at, TMI statuses/comments/divorce/relationship problems, constant news, hate towards others, addicted to constant checking your phone, and taking up too much of your time.


Why am I quitting Facebook? Well, after some research and experiencing it myself.

These are my reasons…

  1. When I did deactivate my account for even just a month or more and came back on I had a few people automatically think that I deleted them. Same when I deleted my old Facebook to create a new one. You could say there were a few upset people. It was, ridiculous!
  2. When I go offline Facebook and delete my app, it’s like a relief. Things go better in my life and I believe it’s because I focus more on what’s going on around me than what’s on Facebook constantly.
  3. I’m focused more on what God wants me to do, career wise.
  4. When I’m with a loved one, I don’t have in the back of my head, “Oh, I need to check my Facebook again, see if there are any other updates. Even though, it’s only been 5-10 minutes since I’ve checked!”
  5. I don’t have to spend forever on a status and make sure it’s right and then think, “Eh, let me edit that again and again.” That’s what my blog is for anyway right?
  6. I miss the old fashioned emails, texts, phone calls, and snail mail to stay in contact with people. Call me old but I loved those days! And, I still do all of those “old fashioned” things. It’s awesome too!
  7. You’re not surrounded by constant negativity or comparing.
  8. You’re focused on the most important things in life, like cleaning your house or reaching a certain goal.
  9. Your more productive. Trust me on this, we tend to spend more time on Facebook(or any social media, sadly) than we think.
  10. Your life feels more private and you don’t feel controlled by a site that drains your time and energy. And, the temptation isn’t as strong. Like the quote goes, “Out of site, out of mind. “

And, above all else, I’ve learned that I can break my addiction to Facebook. I used to be one of these that would post and check in constantly. Get off and then couldn’t take it anymore and get right back on.

Now, all I’ve got to say is…

FYI: Leaving Facebook isn’t for everyone and people will try to keep you on there. If you’ve thought about deleting it for a while, go for it! Don’t let anyone hold you back, get their contact number if you wish, and break free!

And, to finish up, here’s a cool short video(3 minutes) that I saw at a Health seminar. It really lit the “inspiration” fire for me.

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