Find Adventure

Find Adventure

“Not all who wonder are lost.”

I grew up with a love for tent camping and hiking. My dad and his two brothers were raised up around tent camping, hiking, and enjoying a lot of outdoorsy adventures that their parents took them on. And, so, it stuck and dad kept it up for my brother and I, when he and my mom took us camping, hiking, and enjoying being surrounded by God’s creations.

It was the same with my uncles too, they did the same with their kids. We even went on church camp outs. We would enjoy camping as much as possible.

Now, even though my parents aren’t together anymore, camping is not forgotten and we still try to do it yearly, even if it’s only once. And, hiking, almost weekly if not monthly.

While most people love the beach and a cruise as a getaway, give me the tent and woods/mountains any day.

Oh, hikes that include overlooks and/or waterfalls make the toughest of hikes(including ones with swinging bridges) that much more worth the trip too!

And, nothing beats food cooked from over the fire pit. If you’ve never gone tent camping, I can’t recommend it enough! It’s definitely worth an experience! Don’t forget to enjoy at least one S’More too!

With all that said, here are a whole lot of pictures from this weekend’s camp out at Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee with my dad, Uncle Tim, Cousin Lisa and her husband Derek and their 3 adorable kids, and our long time friend Curtis.

It was quite the experience and another camping trip in for the “Memories” book. 🙂

P.S. These are not all of the pictures, I didn’t want to overwhelm the readers. I can assure you though, you’ll probably see some shots throughout future blog posts. 😉

“Blessed are the curious for they will have adventures.”

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