Sweet Forgiveness

Sweet Forgiveness

It’s been 1 year and almost 3 months since I wrote the post Forgiveness and next March will mark 3 years of anger, hate, hurt, and heartbreak that took over me. And, before I made my first post on forgiveness, I made a post 2 years and 1 month ago on Closure. Here’s the thing though, I had no closure at the time, real closure, not just the word being tossed out there. I thought I did, hurt was still there though.

Last year, I found real forgiveness through God and rededicated my life through baptism.

Satan was still working his way to me though and I had to block someone out of my life. I knew if I didn’t, the problem could come back with a vengeance.

I hurt people badly in my life and made horrible choices that time in my life. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last, we’re human, and mistakes are to be made. The key though, is to use those mistakes we make in life as a reminder. It took more than one person though and when Satan is involved, you don’t realize it, but more people can become involved.

God and certain people in my life know about it, I hate that it even ever happened, it did though. Feelings were played with, blinded by what was happening, and feeling controlled inside. Counseling, tears, a lot of hate, prayer, and a ton of writing came in full force.

You know what though? God forgave me. And, at church yesterday, the people that I hurt and a person that hurt me came to church to visit. I knew that God was working in not just me but them too. It was time to make it right, really and truly make it right. But, to the person, it was all water under the bridge, to me though, forgiveness needed to happen. I wanted it to happen. I was more than ready. They forgave me and I forgave them we shook hands with a smile on our faces and went our separate ways.

The peace, oh the peace I felt, felt so amazing. Indescribable. Sweet forgiveness.

Forgiveness, can feel like a new life is taking over within, the old self is gone and the new self has come.

And, when you’re forgiven and you forgive someone else, you look at life in a whole new light.

I believe, God gave me a special sight to see when I went on a nature walk yesterday after church. Dad came a long too!

Life, was truly seen, as a new peace flourished within me.

And, I’ll close with this, it doesn’t matter how long a mistake/sin has been made, it may take a while for you to find that forgiveness and peace. Depending on a situation that you’re in and how you handle hurt. It can be found though. All sin is the same size in God’s eyes. Forgiveness, starts and comes from within.

Don’t lose hope or faith, no matter what it is you’re going through. God’s got this.

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  1. Once again after reading your blog I am renewed in my conviction that the song Amazing Grace is really true if we surrender totally to God. I saw a sign one time that said. ” God is my Co-Pilot” At first I liked it but after thinking it over I said to myself…perhaps that’s what’s wrong with my life. He needs to be MY PILOT not my Co-Pilot. 🙂 Thanks Kayla for sharing your journey I’m sure many people will benefit from reading about it. I also was re-baptized at one point in my life after a major detour – Thank You Jesus for your “Amazing Grace” In His Love, your friend, Eric

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