Mother/Daughter Getaway

Mother/Daughter Getaway

The week mom and I went on our mother/daughter trip couldn’t have come at a better time. Well, we were planning on originally going back in August, but, because of my Hernia Surgery recovery taking longer than planned, we had to reschedule our trip to September. And, I chose the week that had the first day of Autumn beginning hoping to see some early fall colors happening. And, sure enough, we saw plenty, it was just beautiful!


Even though our trip was only 4 days and 3 nights, it was absolutely wonderful! We stayed in our friend’s cabin(The Little Cabin on The Trail) right on the VA Creeper Trail. Oh, and she has a book that she wrote called, “Little Cabin on The Trail” that you can find on Amazon. I haven’t read it, I sure would love to though in the near future.

We were both more than ready, let me repeat, MORE THAN READY to leave and escape reality. The cabin did not have phone service(true escape!) it did have WIFI though and even though I left ALL work behind, I did bring my school work to do the rest of the week while there.

Our vacation consisted of sleeping in(7:30 at the latest that is. Ha! We’re both early birds), walking the VA Creeper Trail and feeling nostalgic from the few times of riding bikes on the trail in the past with family/friends YEARS ago, hiking Grayson Highlands State Park(adorable wild ponies) and Back Bone Rock, exploring Abingdon and Damascus, VA, shopping, eating delicious food rather it was in the cabin or at a restaurant, meeting and making small talk with the town residents(super nice!), visiting the Farmers Market, and just having a great time making memories!

We have both agreed, that even though we’ve been to Damascus and Abingdon, VA before in the past and that it’s only an over hour drive, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we plan to go back hopefully soon. Even, if it’s only to go ride bikes on the Creeper Trail. 😉

With all that said, here are some pictures that I took with my Canon. Of course, I took plenty on my phone to, my Canon does such a fabulous job taking pictures though, that I had to share them on my blog.  😉

PICTUR INFORMATION: Of course, there were a few more, but these are most of my favorites. The one taken of me, mom took, the sign near the cabin made some of the bike riders on the Creeper Trail think our cabin was the restaurant that put out the sign(HA!), the guy sitting on the back of his truck while strumming a guitar lost his job recently and decided to play and sing while selling COLD bottled water to the bikers going by on the trail, some of the wild ponies at Grayson Highlands were very much so pregnant, AND there was an ambulance/fire truck at our cabin on day(not pictured) because a girl on the trail broke her ankle, oh the picture of a leaf and a chestnut in mom’s hand shows that she collected different nature items while on our trip.

Here’s a collage of the pictures. Enjoy! 🙂


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