Family Thanksgiving 2017

Family Thanksgiving 2017

Hello there!

I hope that you readers out there had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

It was pleasant to enjoy 2 days with my family, one day with my dad’s side and the next day with some of my mom’s side. And, even though we didn’t get to have all of the family together with my mom’s side, we did have the entire family together on my dad’s side. It’s so hard to get the family together sometimes, which is a shame, it does happen though unfortunately. And, one person was missed dearly at dad’s side of the family Thanksgiving, grandpa. I can’t believe it’s been a little over a year since his passing and I thank of him often. I believe we all do. I’m so thankful to have the hope that we’ll get to see him again soon.

 I did want to make a post on Thanksgiving though, about what it means to me. Here’s what this special, eat a lot of carbs, give thanks around the table means to me.


Thanksgiving is much more than the food. Much. More. Even though, I liked mom’s idea to change up her Thanksgiving feast to a breakfast theme. 😉

Thanksgiving is about putting aside your differences, beliefs, and opinions for one day and just being thankful to be surrounded by loved ones.

No matter how much family may disagree, at the end of the day, they’re still family.

Thanksgiving is about seeing the achievements that other family members have achieved. The excitement that has happened in other’s lives. My cousin and her husband just adopted these 3 adorable kids after a 1.5 years of fostering them and we couldn’t be more proud or excited!

And, even though kids can be a handful, it’s always a joy seeing them get along and play. Even if dog piling one of their older cousin’s may seem a little uncomfortable for the person on the bottom. Haha!

And, when pets are involved, that just makes it even more fun.

I hated that I didn’t get any pictures though of the kids horseback riding on their cousin’s horse. Darn!


Interacting. Games. Laughter. Makes family time even more exciting.


Music. Music. Music. One of the things that I’ll ALWAYS cherish most at Thanksgiving and even Christmas is when my brother Brandon, Uncle Marty, and my cousin Tyler play their guitars, sing, and we join in with them.

Oh, and we mustn’t forget the photo bomb pictures or the candid shots when the person or people aren’t ready for it. HAHA!

I took plenty of hilarious ones of my mom and brother. I was nice to not put those on here though. HAHA!


And, of course, sometimes, okay, a lot of times, you may see some on their phones. But hey, at least we’re all still together, under the same roof. It’s still considered bonding right? 😉


Most importantly though, the thing that I love most about Thanksgiving, is when we all gather around on my dad’s side, and each one of us say what we’re thankful for. We then close our Thanksgiving time together with a devotion and prayer.


So, no matter how much family may get under your skin, drive you crazy, or annoy you, remember, they’re still family. And, I’m so thankful to God, for the time that we get to spend together and all the pictures that we take. Oh, and trust me, I took A LOT of family pictures. Close to 100 pictures in that 4-5 hour time frame and I’m okay with that. 😉


And, I’m so thankful for my grandma(pictured) and my mamaw.

Oh, how I love them both dearly.

And doesn’t my grandma just look the cutest at 82 years!?! Miss independent she is! I hope to be as feisty and independent she is at that age!

Here’s to making many more Thanksgiving memories ahead!

And, taking more pictures. I wish had got candid shots of mom’s side. Hopefully next time. 😉


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  1. Hey Kayla, love the blog & family photos! That’s so precious about the adoption. Those kids are adorable. Hope you are doing well 🙂 Merry Christmas!!

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