New Journey. New Start. New Adventures Ahead. It All Started, With Waiting.

New Journey. New Start. New Adventures Ahead. It All Started, With Waiting.

Can I just take a moment to say, WOW! I mean, WOW! The year 2017 has been an adventurous whirl wind and if someone told me the beginning of this year that I’d be moving out of my hometown to a town that I’ve been dreaming to live in for years, I honestly, probably would’ve laughed. And thought, “Ha! Yeah, okay. Only if it’s God’s will it’ll happen.” Here’s the thing though, DREAMS CAN COME TRUE! Yes, yes they can, and I’m proof. When you believe it, put in the hard work, pray, and have faith, it CAN AND WILL happen!.

Why did I want to move out of my town? It all started almost 9 years ago when one of my best childhood friends moved, when I visited her town of Jonesborough, TN and then visited the town near it, Johnson City, I fell in LOVE. And, I then made more friends in the town from there and another one of my friends moved to JC too. I also have some more family that lives near the area too. The town, was different from my hometown of Rogersville, TN. I honestly, always felt like I fit in JC better than Rogersville, more active people, healthier grocery choices, healthier atmosphere, more opportunities, more room to grow, surrounded by mountains, more outdoorsy choices to choose from, surrounded by a “younger” crowd that are also filled with dreams and are driven, and honestly, I was ready for a change. SO. READY. FOR. A. CHANGE.

You maybe wondering though, “Kayla, why did it take you so long though to get to your dream town!?!” that’s a question I still ask myself. I believe though, that God wanted me to stay in Rogersville for different reasons, and honestly, I thought He’d want me to stay longer than 6 months in the apartment that I just moved into for my first time on my own. Once the company I work for though, moved out of town, and the drive was further, my intuition literally felt like it was screaming, “It’s time! Kayla, it’s time to move!” and it honestly felt like a battle within. I then would test my intuition, just to make sure it was God talking to me, and every time I thought about staying longer in my hometown, I just got this heavy urge to get out. I honestly, felt smothered, like a hamster on a wheel, getting no where. Don’t get me wrong, my hometown of Rogersville is a cute little town and I’ll always cherish the memories, but unless it’s God’s will for me to be back, and maybe someday it will be, I plan to never move back.

When my brother moved to my dream town, I honestly started to feel doubt and defeated, feeling like I’d be stuck in my town for the rest of my life. I’d wonder, “Why Him Lord and not me!?! You know how badly I wanted to move there!” I tried to stay optimistic though, no matter how hard it may have been at times, I knew God had bigger plans for me and remembered what one of my friends once told me, “We’re all on our own different journeys” and we shouldn’t compare either. That helped, A LOT.

Waiting is hard. Let me repeat that, waiting is HARD! But, it can be SO WORTH IT when God is in control. I want Him in control of my life and I must remember, when I allow Him to be in control, sometimes, that comes with making sacrifices and waiting.

And, I can’t thank Him enough with how far He has brought me. I can’t wait to see where this new journey takes me. I already have some ideas and plans that He may have for me, but I’m keeping that private for now. 🙂

Oh, and my living quarters He placed me in, a cute and small totally refurbished apartment located in a mansion that a doctor once owned in the 1930’s. I share the “mansion” with 4 people who are really nice! My last apartment was adorable as well with fabulous land lords and was in an 1800’s building that’s been refurbished, I stayed in the same exact apartment that my papaw(who died shortly before I was born) and his girlfriend stayed in in the 70’s. Granted, neither of the apartments I’ve been put in are not modern at all and they’re not perfect, but they each have character and a story to tell and that’s what drew me to each one. Now, some day, I probably will go more modern, but for now, I love the vintage feel.

Now, for the tour of my place….


Living Room

Workout Room








Dream big. Work hard. Give it to God. You will go long and far.

Until then!



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