2017 Recap! What. A. Great. Year.

2017 Recap! What. A. Great. Year.

Oh, 2017, you’ve treated me well. Honestly, you really have!

I decided to list the TOP HIGHLIGHTS of 2017 that I will remember the most about. There weren’t many challenges of 2017 that I had to face, a lot of change though, BIG change, and I have embraced every bit of it! Instead of running from change, like I’d used too, I’ve learned to embrace it.

Here are my top highlights that I think I’ll always remember about 2017. And, yes, I’ll probably add to the list as I go, because of maybe forgetting a highlight.

And. Here. They. Are.

Highlights of 2017

Not in any order

  • I turned 26 in my birthday month of January and I got to eat at a fabulous restaurant called, “Label” with my dad, mom, my brother, and his friend. And, when I looked out the window, it was snowing like crazy. Which, if you all may not know, I’m a fan of snow. I also got to go out to eat a second time at a restaurant called, “Tomy Thai” with mom and a few friends. And, I was gifted a set of stainless steel pots and pans too. Oh, yes!
  • I went on a weekend Women’s Retreat in Pigeon Forge, TN that consisted of staying in a cabin full of women.
  • I started a 2 certification programs, IIN Business Program and NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist. I passed both of them!
  • I moved out on my own for my first time ever in a cute little apartment, the same exact apartment that my papaw(who I never got to meet, he died before I was born) and his girlfriend lived in back in the 70’s.
  • I got to work at a gym, as my second job, that only lasted almost two months till I decided to quit. The particular gym wasn’t for me, but I definitely got lessons out of it.
  • I got to attend and take part in a 4 week women’s self defense course that was a lot of fun!
  • I was placed in a new position at where I work, as the Fitness Health Specialist.
  • The company I work with, Atwork Personnel Services, moved their office to a new location out of town in a large and nicer building.
  • I got a “new to me” car, in one of my favorite car colors, red!
  • Went on hiking trips
  • Got to attend a couple of Bible Studies at a coffee shop
  • Got to see my cousin and his band, “Annabelle’s Curse” perform live, for my first time, at a cute coffee shop/book store
  • I had a Groin Hernia Surgery, the recovery ended up being 4 weeks instead of 2 since the hernia turned out to be bigger(larger than a golf ball) than they expected.
  • I got placed to be on the board meeting at my church(Seventh-Day Adventist) and nominating committee. I also played a part in putting our mission statement together and it is now seen in the church bulletin. 🙂
  • I gained 5 new clients- a few for Personal Training and a few for Health Coaching. I gained experience on what it’s like to work with the public with each client I worked with. I loved seeing how far they’d come and seeing how they’d overcome each struggle.
  • I planned out for 4-5 months, saved money, and put together my first ever surprise Birthday party and it was for mom’s 50th. It turned out to be a HIT! I had a limo take my brother and I to go and pick her up, we had music, delicious food catered, a beautiful and very tasty cake, and my aunt did a fabulous job with the décor. You could say my mom was very surprised!
  • I took part in a Christmas event at my church.
  • I got my very first own Christmas Tree and broke the 26 year tradition of having Christmas at mom’s house, with having it at my apartment with mom, dad, my brother, and his girlfriend, and her son.
  • I got to go to the Biltmore for delicious eats to celebrate Mother’s Day and be surrounded by some family
  • I went on a weekend tent camping trip to Fall Creek Falls with dad, my Aunt and Uncle, cousin, her husband, and their kids
  • Mom and I got to stay in the cutest cabin, that our friend’s own, for 4 days right on the VA Creeper Trail. It was a trip that was filled with nostalgia on certain parts, where we used to ride the trail back in the “day” and eat at certain restaurants.
  • Went to see a gastroenterologist for my first time and found out that I have Fat Malabsorption. Oh, and I got to do my first ever stool test(how they found out about the Fat Malabsorption) yeah, that wasn’t fun. Still have more tests coming up the beginning of 2018.
  • I moved, yes, again, 6 months later, from a town that I’ve lived and grew up in, to a town that I’ve been dreaming to live in for almost 9 months, it just didn’t feel like it was the right time yet. I’m so thankful, that I waited on God to give me the “Okay, it’s time” notice.


And, with all those highlights of 2017 noted, I have to say, it was a pretty great year! Now, with 2018 underway, and where I’m in a new town, new address, different church with same denomination I’m going to, and not working with my clients anymore(because of move), and ideas in my head, I’m looking forward to seeing what this year has in store for me. The New Year of 2018 is an open book, ready to be written in. I’ve got my new planner, new goals set, and I’m ready to see how this 2018 year goes! I’m ready to learn more, gain more experience in other areas, and grow.





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