My First Colonoscopy Experience

My First Colonoscopy Experience

Before you read: This is probably the most TMI post I’ve ever typed up, please disregard reading this post, if medical procedures concerning the human body is not your thing.


I thought it would be cool to journal my experience with my first colonoscopy.

First off…
Reason for Colonoscopy: Been having some stomach issues that consist with bloating, feeling pressure and hollow, and blah after eating some certain foods.
I also found out, by a fecal matter test, that I have Fat Malabsorption. The doctor was wanting to be very thorough and do other numerous tests just to be sure.
What was listed on my prep sheet…
Note: I did get Pedialyte instead of Gatorade, didn’t end up drinking any though. I bought red jello and after making it, realized, I couldn’t have red nor purple food. Oops! Ended up buying orange jello to prepare. And, I kind of over did it with buying popsicles and veg broth, but you live and learn and I didn’t know exactly how much I would need.

Before the Suprep drink began at 6pm

I had a 15 min walk in the morning and a 15 min walk in the afternoon. I went to work too.
I was pretty energized throughout the day and I already felt like a Detox was happening.
I did a little bit of research the day before to see what you can do to make it more, “easily” doable.
I laid aside blankets and a pillow for me to sleep on the couch closest to the bathroom, put Angel Soft brand toilet paper in there(you’ll want soft!), wipes, a couple of books(never ended up using), placed a small plate of cut up lemons out(to bite on in-between drinking some of the Suprep), placed the Suprep/water mix in the freezer for a bit to make the drinking process a little easier, Pepto-Bismol(for nausea), and charged my phone and my iPad up some.
I had no idea what was coming, only knowing from what I heard from other’s experiences.
What I drank to prep for, the more clear liquids, the less of a chance for nausea and cramping(it does help!)

64 oz water

32 oz organic pure apple juice

8 oz of Gatorade (threw the rest out)

2 all natural popsicles

1 cup of low sodium vegetable broth

1 cup of all natural orange jello

After the Suprep drink began

It took 4 1/2 hours before the first bowel movement kicked in

6:00 pm drink: The drink tasted very salty and not great! I downed it in 10 minutes though as it recommended and would bite on a lemon slice in between a few sips. Holding your nose does help a lot too. Sticking it in the freezer for a few minutes before drinking is definitely recommended, the colder, the better.


7:00 pm drink: It didn’t taste near as bad since I just refilled the cup and didn’t have to pour fresh Suprep mix in it again. It had a little bit of an after taste, not bad overall though.


8:00 pm drink: Tasted a lot better since no leftover Suprep was in it.


10:00 pm drink(the bowel movement officially kicked in): It. Was. AWFUL! Sucked on a lemon slice after lemon slice and almost took me 30 min to down it


11:00 pm drink(more bowel movement): A little better


11:30 pm drink(more bowel movement): More like water, tired of drinking liquids now though. Like, officially sick of it! Ready for real food. More so sleep right now.


Note: I had more bowel movement for about a total of 2 hours. I did, thankfully, get a few hours of sleep though.

The Day of The Colonoscopy

My appointment was at 7:15 am but I had to be there by 6:15 to get checked in and ready.
I could feel another bowel movement about to hit as dad was driving to the procedure.
They took me back, asked some questions, got me prepped, and I felt like I was in and out in no time.
The procedure went fabulous! Probably the easiest procedure I’ve ever done! And, the put to sleep medicine wasn’t very heavy feeling like most put to sleep medicines.
The prep was definitely the worse of it.
The results turned out good, my vital signs were good, and they took some samples from the ball of my Colon to check for Colitis(which, I’m sure, will be okay too).
Overall, the nurses and the doctor were nice! And, I don’t have to go back until I’m 50. Woo-Hoo!
And, even though I was sick of liquids, water tasted better again after the procedure, knowing that dehydration could hit to from losing so much liquids helped the crave for more water too.
And, after going 36 hours without any solid food, you better believe I “pigged” out.
It was all worth it for those delicious IHOP pancakes, hot cocoa with whip cream, and a few bites of dad’s Belgian waffle. 😉

And that, is my Colonoscopy experience.


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