Seasons of Change(a post on relationships)

Seasons of Change(a post on relationships)


Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall all fall under one category, SEASONS. Keep reading and you’ll see why I start this post with, “seasons”.

You know, how sometimes, out of the blue, your mind drifts, it seems like it starts to dig it’s own metaphorical hole and it gets deeper. Maybe it’s just me, but it does happen, sometimes, more often than other times. And, to give everyone a heads up, this post may, just MAY, step on some toes, and if it doesn’t, awesome! And, if it does, I am sorry, this is my blog though, and it will happen at times. I just want to apologize ahead of time.

Let’s move forward though with what has been on my mind.

A few days ago, I got to talk to two totally different guys, granted, it was a short convo, nothing to write home about, but they were both about my age, maybe a little older, and worked in two totally different companies. One guy, made me think of a country boy, that took me back to the days when I was really attracted to cowboys. Like, REALLY attracted to the whole country boy look, I was also majorly into horses and country music. The other guy, was dressed in business attire, and looked really clean cut, I thought he was quite attractive. I then thought, “Wait, I used to not like the whole business attire look, wow, interests do change as you get older!”

Then, in a split second, my mind start digging, I started to feel thankful, that I never married when I was a teenager or even in my early 20’s. Granted, people that do marry when they’re a teenager or in their early 20’s, I give them props. BIG. HUGE. PROPS. I’ve noticed though, growing up, I was always surrounded by divorces, and most divorces happened with couples that married when they were young. Now, I’m not saying, at all, that if you marry young, you’re going to end up in a divorce. NO, not at all, my grandparents married young and they were married for almost 60 years until my grandpa passed.

I have noticed and read(fan of research over here!) though, that there is a greater chance of divorce when you marry under the age of 25 years old. Age isn’t the only thing that can lead to a divorce, but this post isn’t about the different reasons that can cause a divorce. You can read more of that here if you’re interested in further information, on the divorce rate in America in 2017.

This post, is about change, and I’ve realized, that I’m not the person now that I was when I was 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, or 25. Granted, I may still have a miniscule of the characteristics of each age, but I’m different from any of those ages. I’m not into country music, cowboys, or even horses near as much as I was when I was younger than even 18. My interests, in men, have changed, my interests in life period have changed.

My maturity level is higher than before and I look at some things differently in life than I have before.

Am I telling you to not marry super young? No, but I do think that it should be thought through, really thought through. And, when you throw kids in the mix, after you marry, and you’re still young, you will should take a step back and think about it. You may think you’re ready to settle down now, but as you get older, you could realize, that you will weren’t ready to settle down after all.

We humans, are like seasons, we change, yes, we all fall under one category, HUMANS. But, we still change. We may change every year, every other year, or every few years. And, we’re allowed to change. Love, is something that should be taken seriously and gently though, not something that should be tossed around, you may think you’re mature. Heck, even I did when I was younger, but, now that I look back, I see, I was not as mature as I thought.

And, with that said, I’m thankful, so thankful, I did not settle down, when my cocoon wasn’t even ready to open yet.

It’s worth the wait. I promise. Even when you’re surrounded by the “quick” relationship > marriage pace, it’s truly worth it.



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