What Being 26 Taught Me

What Being 26 Taught Me

This past weekend, I turned 27!

Twenty. Seven.

I can not believe, that in 3 years, I’ll be the big 3-0!

I have to say though, the whole, “What!?! You don’t look 27! You look younger!” reactions, I’m really starting to appreciate those more! Yep, really starting to appreciate those! šŸ˜‰

My 26th year, has really taught me some things though. And, you know me and my bullet points, shall we…


  • I’ve learned, to embrace change a lot better than ever before. In fact, I sometimes, now, go out and search for change to happen.
  • I’ve learned, to step out of my comfort zone and go for what I want. And, even though, it’s still a learning process, I’m better than I used to be.
  • I’m learning more, that when it comes to food, it’s more about what food does for my body than the whole, “I want to lose weight, I can’t have that” ordeal. And, that it’s all about balance.
  • I’ve learned, that my real family doesn’t have to be blood related at all. They can include really good friends and coworkers I’m close too.
  • I’ve learned, that LOVE can be scary, you don’t know what you’re in for. But, I’m ready to open the door again, and welcome it.
  • I’ve learned, that dreams can come true, if you believe in it hard enough, have enough faith, pray, and trust God, they can come to reality. I wanted to move to my dream town for almost 9 years, and it officially happened! Now, I’m dreaming, hoping, praying, and planning to move out of state, Utah. And, if it takes me 5-10 years, maybe more, so be it and if it’s not meant to be, that’s A-Okay too! I’d rather go by God’s plan that my plan.
  • I’ve learned, that oldĀ buildings have a lot of cool character!
  • I’ve learned, that my body is amazing and I need to love it more than I used too. Listen to it.
  • I’ve learned, that meditating while talking to God is the most amazing experience!
  • I’ve learned, that moving is a pain, but when it’s for your own place, and it’s only apartment items, it’s not as bad. And, furniture shopping can be a lot of fun!
  • I’ve learned, that living on my own, with no pets(so far! Ha!) is not that bad.
  • I’ve learned, that Acai Bowls really are delicious and so are Pitaya Bowls!
  • I’ve learned, that I do have Compulsive Exercise, but, I’m working on it. And, that it’s nothing to be ashamed of.
  • I’ve learned, that forgiveness can be hard. ButĀ when God works through you and the other person and forgiveness is found, it’s one of the most beautiful and peaceful feelings you will ever have!
  • I’ve learned, that stayingĀ in a cabin right on the VA Creeper Trail is one of the most neatest, for a localĀ trip, you could do! *Yeah, it doesn’t take much to please me* Ha!
  • I’ve learned, that Highlands State Park in VA is really cool and I want to go back and see the wild ponies again!
  • I’ve learned, that I’m more concerned about how large my kitchen is than how large my bedroom is when it comes to my own living quarters.
  • I’ve learned, that it’s okay to be a late bloomer in big things in life like, moving, having kids, being in a relationship, marrying, etc. It’s really okay! šŸ™‚
  • I’ve learned, that not every employer you work for, will be sunshine, rainbows, and butterflies.
  • I’ve learned, that planning a big surprise Birthday bash can be a lot of fun! Even better, when it’s your mom’s 50th. šŸ˜‰
  • I’ve learned, that helping people can be a lot of fun and it can make you feel so good! No matter if it’s giving advice/tips on how to have better health, give wise advice,Ā gifting someone for a massageĀ that is stressed,Ā or someoneĀ in need of food, money, clothes, etc.
  • I’ve learned, that it’s okay if you yourself need help! Delegating can go a long way!
  • I’ve learned, from seeing my cousin and her husband, that fostering and then adopting the kids later,Ā is one of the best routes to go if you can’t have kids or don’t want any of your own. They’ve really inspired me!
  • I’ve learned, what taking your laundry to the Laundromat is like. Okay, well, I don’t really sit and wait so much, it’s more drop off and pick up later service I go for. But, you get the gist of it.
  • I’ve learned, that living in a larger city with healthier restaurant and grocery options is so fabulous! I also love having miles and miles and miles of sidewalks to walk/run on.
  • I’ve learned, what it’s like to talk down a deal to a cars sales man. It feels really good to when it works!
  • BONUS! I’ve learned, that 26 has really treated me well!


Yep, my 26th year was great. And, the beginning of last year, after my Birthday dinner, I walked out to a beautiful snow fall, with mom, dad, my brother, and his friend. I took it as a gift from God, Him knowing my love for snow.

This year, for my 27th Birthday dinner, I walked out with my mom, dad, and brother to the most gorgeous and full rainbow I’ve probably ever seen. I believe it was my first time sighting one too!

Last year, a lot of good and big changes happened, this year, I look at the rainbow as God saying, “Here is My gift to you, I’ve got big plans for You this year too!”

And with that said, I’m ready Lord. My 27th chapter is ready to be written.

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