About Me

About Me

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Hello there!

Welcome to my slice of the internet. My name is Kayla and this, of course, is the about me area…

I am a plant based Christian, fueled by plants and lead by God. My family and friends I cherish. My social life isn’t that high, I’m usually happier when it’s just me, myself, and I. My children are my two cats, Tucker and Chester. I am certified through NASM & NAFC and right now, going through other certification courses. I’m learning to be a health coach for my community in my small town located in Tennessee. My motto is “Be The Change.” When I’m not talking fitness and nutrition, It’s photography. I’m a HUGE photography fan, have been since I was a small tike. I do photo sessions as my hobby. I was once a hardcore runner, 33-38 races completed in two years until burn out hit. Now, I just run for fun and fitness, along with yoga, strength training, HIIT, trail running, hiking, etc. Races are just sprinkled here and there now. I LOVE being outdoors! Absolutely love it! I’m big into bookstores and writing as well.

My kind of fun is what others may find boring. But, that’s just who I am. I’d call myself a chill energizer bunny. I’m also a big time foodie! I’m a “Happy Herbivore”(plant based), no meat, dairy, limit processed foods, and oils.

I’m also big into writing stories with metaphors and I like to post about my own life challenges, hoping I can reach out to others and show them, they’re not alone. I’d consider myself a deep metaphorical thinker. 😉

So, that’s me.

I hope that you enjoy my website and treat it like a good book, one that you return to often.






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