13626396_305062633167434_8153803355564058970_nWelcome to my page of motivation and inspiration!

If people hid their mental/physical illnesses and life challenges, where will the inspiration be? I love reading and hearing about other people’s challenges they have overcome, because to me, it gives me hope. It makes me feel not alone.

I hope this page does the same for you too.

“It’s not the mountain that we conquer, but ourselves”

Darkness Within, Light Ahead

Original Woman

(I actually did a photo shoot of a few women for Original Woman and it was also featured in my little town’s magazine.)


Beautiful Complex Change

A Fight Within(Anxiety)


Courage in Discourage

A Forgiven Sinner

Take Some “Me” Time

What a Year

Coping With Anxiety

A Beautiful Mess

A Diagnosis Doesn’t Define You



Prince of Darkness

Come as You Are, Without a Mask

Conformed to Transformed

There Will be a Day(Death)

Running Isn’t The Solution, God is

Why I Create my Own Meals Now

What is Your Calling?

My Body, a Holy Temple

Find Joy in The Journey

Toxic Relationships

For the singles and/or childless

Post Hernia Surgery and Recovery

Sweet Forgiveness

Why I Deleted My Facebook

Inner Demons Pt. 1

Inner Demons Pt. 2

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