Welcome to my page of motivation and inspiration!

If people hid their mental/physical illnesses and life challenges, where will the inspiration be? I love reading and hearing about other people’s challenges they have overcome, because to me, it gives me hope. It makes me feel not alone.

I hope this page does the same for you too.

“It’s not the mountain that we conquer, but ourselves”

There is Beauty in The Bleakest of Colors(my first ever blog post)

Darkness Within, Light Ahead

Original Woman

(I actually did a photo shoot of a few women for Original Woman and it was also featured in my little town’s magazine.)


Beautiful Complex Change

A Fight Within(Anxiety)


Courage in Discourage

A Forgiven Sinner

Take Some “Me” Time

What a Year

Coping With Anxiety

A Beautiful Mess

A Diagnosis Doesn’t Define You



Prince of Darkness

Come as You Are, Without a Mask

Conformed to Transformed

There Will be a Day(Death)

Running Isn’t The Solution, God is

Why I Create my Own Meals Now

What is Your Calling?

My Body, a Holy Temple

Find Joy in The Journey

Toxic Relationships

For the singles and/or childless

Post Hernia Surgery and Recovery

Sweet Forgiveness

Why I Deleted My Facebook

Inner Demons Pt. 1

Inner Demons Pt. 2 

http://New Journey. New Start. (all about waiting) 

Eye Opening for The Truth, How I Really Feel

Time to Get Truthfully Real (Pt. 1)

“Stupid” Feelings 

The Struggle is Real(my sugar addiction) 

21 Day No Sugar Challenge 

Seasons of Change(a post on relationships)

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