Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

Welcome to my, “Tell Your Story” page!

You maybe asking, why did I create a separate page just for it. Well, I believe everyone has a story too tell. I’m a HUGE fan of inspirational/motivational books and even speakers. I just love hearing about other people’s testimonies and how they’ve overcome their struggles. Rather you have a mental illness and have learned to accept who you are, have overcome an eating disorder, maybe even accepted your body for what it is, lost a lot of weight and have gained internal wisdom, EVERYONE has a story. Some people, just haven’t found their story yet and that’s okay, you will find it. Who knows, you maybe writing your story now and just don’t know it yet. Life, is full of surprises, take what it throws at you, and turn it into an inspiration and/or motivation for someone else, including yourself.

Don’t know your story yet or how to get it out there? Contact me and I can help. šŸ˜‰

“It’s not about what you lose on the journey to better health, it’s about what you gain on the way.”

What you gain, is your story.

What’s your story?

Here are some AMAZING, INSPIRING, and MOTIVATIONAL people that have shared their story with me.

Their Stories